*Why should I choose you?

There are so many photographers to choose from, however, we feel that our offerings are worth your trust! We make an effort to provide you with all information prior to your session! We don’t create hidden costs, loopholes or inflated last minute offerings. We stay true to our word, and this comes across in our product! We have a casual style as we capture your family or event, which we believe makes you comfortable enough to bring that image you imagined to life.


*How do you ‘create the shot’?

We believe in a candid approach which lets you relax, be yourselves and enjoy the moment. Rather than tell you what to do the entire session, we prefer to simply point you in the right direction, allowing your session to unfold naturally. We encourage fun and laughter and our philosophy is simple: if you are having a great time, this will show in your photography. 


*We like your candid style, but can we get some posed photos too?

Absolutely. Although our style is less posed than some photographers, we always make time in our schedule for posed portraits, family and group photos. If you have ideas, please feel free to share, as many shoots are so much more fun when they are a collaboration of all involved! Plus, we find that our clients often feel a great sense of pride in having helped create, when they see the final product!


*Who will be our photographer? And can we meet them before the event?

Jay will be your photographer! We believe in working with our clients from the initial phone call, until the last printed photo. We feel that with this involvement, we are able to really connect with our clients which helps us deliver a fun experience that results in great photographs!  And yes, we can definitely meet up before your wedding day, in fact we encourage it so that we can truly feel your style before the big day!


*How will I receive my pictures?

Included in our session fee, once all photos have been selected and edited, we will create a personal online gallery for you to view, which is accessible through our website. The gallery is social media friendly, and will be available for at least 90 days from your session (weddings 120 days). This is a great way to share with friends and family, and see which photos are their faves!  If you want long lasting memories, we also offer beautiful prints, DVDs or USB (your preference) of images, and other fine art products-all at reasonable cost!

*Do you mind traveling out of town?

Travel outside of Sacramento is never a problem, however, travel surcharges may apply. If you plan to have your wedding or session outside of the greater Sacramento area, please let us know, and we would be more than happy to review these charges prior to booking. Don’t be shy! Our pricing is very reasonable and is typically just enough to cover the time and resources needed to get to the location!

*Why are your prices so affordable and reasonable in comparison to some of the other photographers I talk to? Should I be concerned with the quality I will receive?

We are sure some people are skeptical of our work when they learn our prices, but we charge what we feel is fair for sharing this time with your family. We build our business on customer recommendation and word of mouth more than anything! We don’t feel like we need to overprice our work to convince you that it is good. We would rather build a relationship of longevity with our clients, rather than a one-time shoot that once done, they go on only to forget who their photographers ever were! We want to grow up with your family, so we feel that if you invest with us initially, you will want to keep coming back, and this is enough for us. 

*We want to talk with you more, how should we contact you?

No worries, get in touch! Feel free to email us a detailed inquiry at Bobbyisrael17@hotmail.com. Alternatively, feel free to call B. Israel Photography’s general number at (916) 833-1284, or our booking specialist, Cindy at (916) 220-1038. Or contact us directly thru this link.

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